Jasa Raharja, Get to Know the Profile of State-Owned Enterprises in the Field of Social Insurance


Jasa Raharja, Get to Know the Profile of State-Owned Enterprises in the Field of Social Insurance

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The risk of accidents when driving, whether on land, sea, or air transportation, certainly might happen to anyone. Indeed, no one knows when disaster can happen to someone. In fact, motorists who obey the traffic rules are not free from the possibility of having the accident.

Moreover, in Indonesia’s traffic conditions which are known to be chaotic and have a high quantity of vehicles. The likelihood of accidents when driving in Indonesia will certainly be higher when the streets are filled with more vehicles.

For that, having insurance that can provide you with financial assistance when you have an accident certainly is a wise thing to do. One of them, by utilizing the services offered by the State-Owned Enterprise, Jasa Raharja. By focusing its services on providing accident insurance.

As the name implies, PT Jasa Raharja is an accident insurance company owned by the state. Therefore, Jasa Raharja offers accident insurance based on the regulations written in the Act.

So, the coverage provided to accident victims is generally more profitable than accident insurance provided by private companies.

Knowing this, you might feel interested in applying for accident insurance at this state-owned company. However, before that, be sure to know the ins and outs of the Jasa Raharja company and the services provided. For that, consider the following explanation.

The Long Journey of Raharja Services Company
The beginning of the establishment of Jasa Raharja was the impact of the government’s policy in acquiring a company from the Dutch colonial era. The basis for this policy is regulated in Law Number 86 of 1958 which discusses the Nationalization of Dutch Companies. The law can then be elaborated in terms of loss insurance.

Of the Dutch companies that carried out the nationalization process, there were four companies engaged in the field of general insurance. Pursuant to Government Regulation Number 6 of 1960, the acquired companies are stipulated with the status of PNAK or the State Insurance Company for Losses.

In 1961, Government Regulation No. 15 merged the four State Insurance Companies to become one main company and named PNAK Eka Karya. This certainly caused all rights and obligations, including wealth, workers, and business from the four initial companies to switch to the Eka Karya company.

Until 1965, the government launched a new regulation that changed PNAK Eka Karya into a new company called PNAK Djasa Rahardja. Similar to the previous company smelting process, all assets owned by PNAK Eka Karya were transferred to Djasa Rahardja, including all of its debts.

Slightly different from PNAK Eka Karya, which provides insurance services for all types of insurance, Jasa Raharja only focuses on motor vehicle insurance and passenger accidents. Raharja’s services also cover reinsurance and mediation programs in the field of motor vehicle insurance and passenger accidents.

A few months after its establishment, PNAK Jasa Raharja based on the Decree of the Minister for Revenue, Financing and Oversight, carried out the granting of the Mandatory Accident Fund for Passenger Accidents and the Road Traffic Accident Fund. The new service has been adjusted to Law No. 33 and also Law No. 34 of 1964.


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