Job Professionals Born in the Hospitality Industry


Job Professionals Born in the Hospitality Industry

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The increasingly popular hospitality industry gave birth to various occupational professions. The industry also recruits many employees to serve customers whose numbers are increasing every year. In this industry, you can apply for work as:

Food and Beverage Business Consultant
Ticketing Staff at Travel Agencies
Cheap lodging provider vendors, such as homestays to expensive ones, like 5-star hotels
Wedding planners
Restaurant or cafe waiter
Housekeeping staff
And many others.
This job profession clearly has different requirements and qualifications. Some only need a high school / vocational diploma or equivalent, there are also those who have to graduate S1. Experience requirements vary. There is a minimum of 1 year, some 5 years. Depending on the level, such as junior staff or senior chef.

If one of the professions above is your passion, why not try to apply for work. Who knows, the goddess Fortuna is on your side, accepted to work, and your career is growing because you work according to your interests and talents.

Don’t be afraid, there are quite a lot of job openings in the hospitality industry. The data shows, the travel and tourism industry is ranked third which provides the largest contribution to the hospitality industry revenue, based on the 2015 Indonesia Brenchmarking Report.

Other data from LCB Australia said, the largest industry and the main supporter of the world economy that continues to grow and develop is the field of travel and tourism, including restaurants and hotels. The sector contributed 266 million jobs.


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