Making Gawk, This is the E-Commerce Employee Salary List in Indonesia


Making Gawk, This is the E-Commerce Employee Salary List in Indonesia

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E-commerce is not only a target of shopping enthusiasts, but also a lot of targeted by workers. How come? Working in e-commerce, in addition to showing its rapid development, e-commerce also offers a fantastic monthly salary. Especially in certain positions, of course, if the salary and benefits are added up, it makes me stunned and amazed.

This is naturally done by e-commerce, because they also need great workers to increase their target market which of course will also have an impact on the progress of e-commerce. This of course creates a pretty tight competition for the development of e-commerce with each other.

‘E-Commerce’ Employee Salary List

Reporting from the release of Kelly Service Indonesia, recently it has conducted a survey of salaries of Indonesian workers, including salaries of employees who work in e-commerce with the heading “Indonesia 2019 Salary Guide”. The following is a list of jobs and salaries obtained:

Chief Information Security Officer: Rp. 60 – Rp. 80 million
IT Operations Manager: IDR 40 million – IDR 60 million
Digital Marketing Manager: Rp. 25 million – Rp. 52 million
Sales Manager: Rp22 million – Rp23 million
Digital Marketing Executive: Rp10 million – Rp20 million
Software Engineer: IDR 10 million – IDR 18 million
QA Automation Supervisor: IDR 12 million – IDR 15 million
Network Engineer: IDR 11 million – IDR 12.5 million
Account Manager: IDR 10 million – IDR 15 million
Sales Executive: IDR 8 million – IDR 12 million
To get a salary as high as the above there are qualifications that must be fulfilled by each employee, for example education that must be a Bachelor or S1 graduate, the expertise must also be qualified and continue to increase every time and the employee’s service period from 3, 5, or 10 years to above depends on the position or position respectively.


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