Not Just About Salary, Fresh Graduates Are Also Required To Know These 4 Types Of Employment Contracts


Not Just About Salary, Fresh Graduates Are Also Required To Know These 4 Types Of Employment Contracts

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After graduating from college, it’s time for fresh graduates to look for work. This is certainly a challenge that they must face. Some people find it easy to get a job according to their area of ​​expertise or passion and some find it difficult.

Facing these conditions finally made them accept existing jobs. They assume, at least, have found a job and new learning experience for their future careers. Even so, there are other things that are more important and need fresh graduates to know, namely questioning the employment contract.

Every fresh graduate who has been hired will indeed get a letter of employment contract from the company. But unfortunately, there are still many fresh graduates who ignore it. Without knowing the type of contract they obtained, they immediately signed it.

This may cause misunderstanding between you and your boss in the future regarding the points contained in the employment contract that could be detrimental to both parties. So that you can avoid this, you should first know the various types of employment contracts.

Type of Employment Contract

1. Non-Permanent Employee Agreement (PKWT)
It is undeniable, if PKWT is most people are more familiar with the contract. That is, this contracted employee has a work agreement between himself and the company within a certain time or temporary.

Indeed, this time is not spelled out in the Manpower Act, but in general the company will give a contract period to employees for a maximum of two years.

This contract status will also be given directly to new employees verbally which will also be strengthened by the written letter given to the employee, the company and also the Manpower Office.

If during the status of this contract the employee shows an increase in performance, then there is a high possibility, after the specified contract period expires, the employee will be appointed as permanent employee. However, the regulations of each company must be different.

2. Temporary Work Agreement (PKWTT)
PKWTT is commonly referred to as an employee who is given permanent employee status. However, that does not mean employees can be directly appointed, but there is a trial period in advance. Usually the company will give a certain time for this period which is about three months or some are up to six months.

After an employee performs well, the company has the right to appoint the employee to be permanent, which is marked by the granting of an appointment letter from the company to the employee concerned.

3. Outsourcing
Outsourcing is also known as a work contract agreement. In this system the agreement made is not directly from the company to new employees, but between the company with a labor contractor or outsourcing provider.

In general, outsourcing provides employees with companies that require a large workforce. For example, convection, factories, or retail trade which has many branches and so on.

Although the provider of labor services, still the outsourcing party is also required to make a work agreement letter PKWT or PKWTT to all workers. If there is outsourcing that does not enforce this, the service provider may be illegal.

4. Part Time Employee Agreement
Employees with part-time work status are usually experienced by students or other people who want to earn extra money. The work involved in starting from a waiter, shopkeeper, or sales needed at certain events such as music events, culinary and so on.

Employees who hold the status of this contract will not work all day long. The name is part time, of course, it only works 7-8 hours per day or it can be less than that time. The company or employer will also give different salary times.

If only sales, stand guards and the like must be given a daily salary. While waiters, shopkeepers and others are the same as employees in general, which is once a month. But do not rule out the possibility, there are also those who provide salaries once every two weeks.


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