Travel Inconvenience Insurance


Travel Inconvenience Insurance

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When on vacation, no matter how carefully preparations have been made, unpleasant things might happen. Call it like flight or baggage delays, lost luggage, and trip misconnection sometimes can not be predicted.

When such obstacles occur, Mandiri Skyz card holders are given premium-free protection with a value of up to 1 billion rupiah. This is obtained every time you buy a travel ticket with this card.

This provision is a form of service from Bank Mandiri to deal with travel inconveniences that may be faced by its customers.

Purchase Protection Insurance
Both at home and abroad, shopping is one of the activities included in the holiday agenda. However, while on vacation, the risk of experiencing loss or damage to possessed goods can be quite large.

Now, as long as you have a Mandiri Skyz card, the card holder is equipped with a Purchase Protection insurance of up to 50 million rupiah.

With this insurance, shopping can be calmer. However, careful when shopping remains a matter that must be considered. As a form of anticipation of the unexpected.

Overseas Medical Treatment
When the holiday destination is abroad and you suddenly fall ill. The Mandiri Skyz card provides protection of up to 13 million rupiah for expenses in hospitals, where customers are treated.

Even though no one wants to get sick especially when he should have fun. The existence of overseas medical treatment facilities can at least make Mandiri Skyz card holders feel more comfortable while on vacation.

Planning a Vacation? Previously owned Mandiri Skyz Card
With a variety of benefits ranging from welcome bonuses in the form of traveling cost cuts, points that can be exchanged with airline miles, and auto installment programs, vacation plans can be realized more sparingly.

Plus, because Mandiri Skyz card users are facilitated with various insurance just in case.

Comfort during a vacation can be increasingly guaranteed. Thus, a quality vacation can be obtained.

So, when you have planning for your vacation, consider having a Mandiri Skyz card so that you can get many benefits.


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